CALIX[4]ARENES coatings for In Vitro Diagnostics

Our proprietary calix[4]arenes technology is designed to immobilize biomolecules on (nano)particles and flat surfaces, for enhanced In Vitro Diagnostic applications. Using calix[4]arenes conjugation technology brings the following benefits to assay developers and manufacturers :

  • Ultra stable surfaces, (nano)particles and bioconjugates
  • Reduced consumption of precious biomolecules, such as antibodies
  • Lower amounts of (nano)particles used in assays
  • Sensitivity improvement
  • Enhanced reproducibility using well defined chemistry
  • Applicable to difficult-to-conjugate surfaces or (bio)molecules

2 nm


Our expertise

Surface coating with ultrathin monolayers exhibiting a highly robust functionalized interface is of paramount importance for the design of materials with tailored properties. Currently, various chemical and physical coating methods are used to modify surfaces, but none of them allows the formation of a robust monolayer on virtually any surfaces.

The X4C technology is a versatile surface modification methodology that can be applied to any conducting, semi-conducting or insulating surface. This robust and controlled monolayer can be further post-modified by a large variety of molecules and biomolecules, for each specific application.

Calixarene Coating Process

One step

No Surface Pre-treatment

Mild Conditions



X4C Technology

X4C technology consists in a covalently bound, compact, robust and ultra-thin monolayer of calix[4]arenes. These small molecules, to the contrary of polymeric structures that exhibit a mixture of size and functionalities dispersity, are perfectly defined and strictly identical from batch to batch. The control and the reproducibility of the coating leads to the formation of high-performance surface – biomolecule conjugates, for enhanced In Vitro Diagnostic applications.

This innovative molecular platform allows to cover surfaces with virtually any functionalities, including carboxylic acids (COOH), amines (NH2), alkynes or azides for click chemistry, etc., namely for conjugation with antibodies or any other (bio)molecules.

Unique molecular technology for the coating of biomolecules on flat surfaces and (nano)particles