Collaborative Model

Working together to achieve your goals

We are convinced that a successful project is the combination of our expertise in calix[4]arenes surface modification and the expertise of our partners in immunoassays development. Starting from the idea, during the whole cycle of development, and beyond the commercial launch, we address our clients needs through deep collaborations, leading to flourishing projects in a respectful, cooperative and time-efficient process.


X4C offers tailor-made services

Based on your requirements, we develop and produce flat surfaces and particles, coated with a robust monolayer of calix[4]arenes. Choose amongst our wide range of calix[4]arenes to generate your needed functionalities at the surface, through a well-controlled process.

Using your antibodies, or our own antibodies sources, we develop bioconjugates attached to the surfaces. Covalent or passive adsorption chemistries are both available, as well as antibodies orientation, leading to exceptionally stable and highly performing materials.


X4C provides nanoparticles coated with calix[4]arenes

We provide ultra stable gold and silver nanoparticles coated by a monolayer of calix[4]arenes bearing various functional groups. Different functionalities, sizes and ODs are available.

If you are interested in other types of coated nanoparticles (i.e. other metals, metal oxides, polystyrene, magnetic), please contact us.


X4C provides a wide range of calix[4]arenes

We provide calix[4]arenes bearing amino or diazonium groups on the large rim and various functional groups on the small rim, such as carboxylic acids, amines, alkynes, PEG, fluoroalkyl, amongst others. We also develop tailored calix[4]arenes on request.

Amounts from 50mg to 1g and more can be ordered. If you are interested in larger amounts of calix[4]arenes, please contact us.