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In vitro diagnostics

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What we do

X4C offers innovative molecular surface coatings for high-end applications in In Vitro Diagnostics.

We have developed a unique technology based on small organic molecules called calix[4]arenes, that enhance the coating of biomolecules on surfaces. Antibodies, proteins or peptides can now covalently or passively bind on surfaces of any nature, any shape and any dimension, while conferring the structure unique enhanced performances.

In Vitro Diagnostics

X4C is focused on enabling the development of next-generation In Vitro Diagnostic assays.

The calix[4]arenes molecular coating technology generates ultra stable flat and particle surfaces, while granting the access to controlled density and orientation of biomolecules binding.

Created surfaces – biomolecules conjugates find applications in numerous In Vitro Diagnostic applications, including lateral flow, immunoturbidimetric, chemiluminescence, and biosensor immunoassays.

How we work

We believe that a successful project is the combination of our expertise in calix[4]arenes and the expertise of our partners in immunoassays development.

Starting from the idea, during the whole cycle of development, and beyond the commercial launch, we support our partners through a range of products and services.