We are X4C

A molecular surface coating company that takes In Vitro Diagnostics to the next level

Started in 2016, X4C is a spin-off company from the Brussels University (ULB), Belgium. We are developing and commercializing molecular surface coating technologies, based on proprietary small organic molecules called calix[4]arenes. By enhancing the surface properties, and through a versatile bioconjugation approach, next generation surfaces and nanoparticles are created. Further immobilization of biomolecules leads to high performance materials for Life Sciences applications.

Our activities are supported by 2 patents families and numerous peer-reviewed publications. We are proud of our scientific origins, and we constantly keep our R&D at the highest level, while understanding and supplying our customers with highly performing products and services.

We like collaborations, because we are convinced that the success of a project is a perfect combination of our and our customers expertise. We continuously strive for intensive and flexible co-operation with our customers and partners.

Management Team


Alice Mattiuzzi – Co-founder & CEO

Alice Mattiuzzi obtained her PhD in Chemistry from the Brussels University (ULB), under the supervision of Prof. Ivan Jabin. Her research was focused on the development of the X4C technology. She has a scientific expertise in two important domains for X4C : synthesis of calixarenes as well as the use of calixarenes for surface modification. She is also trained in business at the prestigious Solvay Brussels School Economics & Management.


Ivan Jabin – Co-founder & CSO

Ivan Jabin obtained his PhD in Chemistry from the ESPCI-UPMC (Paris) in 1996, then spent two years as a post-doctoral fellow at Lehigh University (USA) and then at the CNAM (Paris). In 1998, he was appointed assistant Professor at the University of Le Havre (France). In 2006, he joined the Brussels University (ULB) as a full Professor in the Organic Chemistry Laboratory of which he is the director. His current research interests include the synthesis and study of calixarene-based molecular receptors as well as the use of calixarenes for surface modification. He is the author of 121 publications, 5 patents and 4 book chapters.


Anne-Marie Bauduin – Business Development & IP

Anne-Marie Bauduin holds a PhD in Chemistry from the Namur University (Belgium). She is in charge of Business Development & IP, expanding the company R&D & Innovation projects portfolio and challenging R&D opportunities against Innovation perspectives, based on the commercial assets of new products and services. Her experience relies on 15 years of R&D focusing on molecular interactions at solid-liquid interfaces, both in universities and companies, as well as on more than 15 years in Innovation, IP & Business Development positions.